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Kenzie Elston has been surrounded by creativity since she was born. As a daughter of a graphic designer, some of her earliest memories are crafting with her mom, making physical dolls out of her quirky childhood drawings and creating stories through tag team doodles. Growing up in a creative environment fueled Kenzie to follow her lifelong passion and pursue a degree in graphic design.

After graduating from the University of Cincinnati’s esteemed design school, DAAP, Kenzie assumed a position as a designer for a branding agency. Her love for pattern and illustration was largely utilized in designing for some of Procter & Gamble's most recognizable brands, namely Pampers and Always. After 5 years in this position, Kenzie followed her heart to join her own parents’ design and licensing firm, Olika.

Outside of work, Kenzie is a notorious collector of sketchbooks, antique tchotchkes, and novels. She lives for her daily dance parties with her 4 year old and 2 year old sons, and she believes that a chocolate sundae with rainbow sprinkles can cure anything.

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